Health Benefits of Peanut Butter, -Nutritional Value, Protein & Recipes


Health Benefits of Peanut Butter, -Nutritional Value, Protein & Recipes

These mouth-watering, crunchy, and smooth nuts are small nuggets with various health benefits. They make for an astounding snack whenever of the day. Peanuts are rich in different micro and macro-nutrients that are needed by our bodies. Aside from health and nutrition benefits, peanuts also taste scrumptious. Additionally, peanuts are highly affordable as compared with different nuts and a flexible element for different dishes and snacks. Here we will discuss the health benefits of peanut butter.

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Nutritional Value of Peanuts.

Benefits of Peanuts.

Recipes of Peanuts.

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Health Benefits of Peanut Butter & Nutritional Value of Peanut (Per 100gm)

Overall Calories -567

Protein -26 gram

Fat-49 gram

Carbohydrate -16 gram

Dietary Fiber – 9 gram

Iron- 25%

Calcium -9%

Peanuts have 49 grams of fats distributed among saturated, monosaturated & polyunsaturated fats. The total carbs in peanuts are around about 15% which makes an ideal protein source even for diabetics. Most of the essential nutrients are magnesium, copper, phosphorus, & vitamin E present in peanuts. In addition, the health benefits of peanut butter have various plant compounds or phytonutrients that are required for the healthy functioning of your body.

Few Health Benefits of Peanut Butter:

Peanuts have a Plethora, of health benefits as discussed below-

rosted peanuts benefits

Healthy Heart

Different studies have demonstrated that peanuts decrease the chances of suffering any kind of heart disease. Peanuts are comprised of nutrients that are necessary for having a healthy heart. Magnesium, copper, a healthy ratio of unsaturated fats & antioxidants like resveratrol keeps your heart in a healthy condition.

Good Source of Proteins

Peanuts are rich in protein content, ranging from 22-30%of their total calories. Toast or crackers are added to peanut butter, a good pre-workout or mid-day snack adding to the total protein. The demand for protein which is necessary for the growth of children can also be fulfilled by peanuts.

Helps in Weight Loss

weight loss peanuts

Peanuts can be included in balance for those hoping to shed pounds. The high protein content just as the solid unsaturated fats are great supplements for weight reduction as well as give high satiety value, in this manner keeping one from binge eating.

Benefits of Peanut, Makes Brain Sharper

For a sound just like the sharper brain, you require nutrients like nutrients B1, niacin, and folate. At the point when you eat peanuts your body is filled with these nutrients. Thus, your mind turns out to be more active and sharp.

Strong Bones

peanuts make bone strengthen

Ageing, causes the weakening of various bones present in our body. Hence, before your bones begin to lose their solidarity, you should zero in on eating quality food choices like peanuts. It is wealthy in manganese and phosphorus. These supplements and different nutrients present in peanuts will keep up the strength of your bones, consequently supporting you in your advanced age.

Healthy Skin

The amazing health benefit of peanut butter it ensures smooth as well as glowing skin. Nutrients such as niacin, vitaminB3 & antioxidant oleic acid not only helps to prevent wrinkles and protect against different skin diseases.

Improves Vision

peanuts helps to remove your glasses

With regards to keeping up with eye wellbeing, some green verdant vegetables and peanuts are the best food items that can be devoured. Zinc, present in peanuts, assists the body with moving nutrient A which is needed for a reasonable vision. Additionally, nutrient E present in peanuts helps in dialling back age-related macular degeneration and waterfall arrangement.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Research has shown that eating peanuts can diminish the danger of malignant growth. Because of proteins and nutrient E present in the peanuts, the danger of disease is diminished. It has a decent substance of resveratrol, which helps in forestalling disease with its cell reinforcement potential.

Diabetic Friendly Nuts

peanuts to cure diabetics

Since peanuts have no substance of sugar, they are totally alright for diabetic patients. They are rich wellsprings of supplements and are scrumptious simultaneously.

Prevents Gallstone

peanuts prevent gallstone

Around 25% of grown-ups yearly experience the ill effects of gallstone. This is an infection brought about by uncontrolled cholesterol levels. Since peanuts control cholesterol, the danger of gallstone can be decreased by devouring it routinely.

Top Recipes & Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut Chaat


Chilli Powder


Chaat Masala







1 teaspoon of salt and turmeric to 1 cup of peanut. Add 2 cups of water and boil the mixture. After boiling, drain the leftover water and add one-fourth cup chilli powder, a pinch of salt, and a half cup of chaat masala to it. You can also add chopped onion and tomato to the mixture to make it healthier. Add corn and pomegranate to make your peanut chaat delicious. This can be quickly made and can be eaten as a salad along with your meals.

Peanut Sweet





Cardamon Powder

Sesame Seeds

Coconut Powder


Roast and blend 2 cups of Peanuts. Keep a pan on low flame and add 1 teaspoon ghee and 1 cup of jaggery and keep stirring the mixture for 5 minutes.

Add blended peanut powder to this mixture after it starts to boil. Then add 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds, dry coconut, and cardamom powder to it and keep stirring this mixture on a low flame.

Transfer it to a clean bowl, when the mixture stops sticking to the pan,  After the mixture is cool, make spherical shaped ladoos with your hands and serve when completely cool.


Peanuts are tiny packets of essential micro and macronutrients. Peanuts butter has a large number of nutritious benefits. Including the health benefits of peanut butter in your diet chart will not only help to build muscles but also help to lose weight.

In addition, this is one nut that can be consumed consistently because of its superb plant-based wellspring of protein, different nutrients, minerals, and plant compounds. In any case, being high in fat, this nut is high in calories and ought not to be eaten in excess.

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Is it healthy to eat peanuts regularly?

The Health benefits of peanut butter serve many nutritional advantages. But excess of fat contents peanuts should not be consumed in excess.

What will be the appropriate time to eat peanuts?

You can consume peanuts any time of the day. You can include it on snacks, salads, soups, gravies & more.

What consequence does peanut make on your liver?

Due to high amounts of unsaturated fats & vitamin E peanuts are good for the liver but make sure to avoid its excess consumption.

Is it good to eat dishes made from peanuts for lunch or dinner?

The Health benefits of peanut butter are one of the most versatile ingredients & can be included in meals to enhance the taste and nutritional value. You can also add in soups, salads, rice preparations and also in desserts.

What are the possible consequences of consuming peanuts?

It is better to avoid those who are suffering from nut allergies. Moreover, excess consumption of peanuts affect overall fat intake & increased anti-nutrient, phytic acid too. To avoid this, a balanced diet is key.

 Check out all the health benefits of peanut butter.




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